Reaching new audiences

Professional associations are generally concerned with educating and mobilizing their own members. But Relate Advocacy helped the North Carolina REALTORS (NCR) engage a whole new audience — homeowners.

The issues for homeowners and REALTORS often overlap. The ability to effectively mobilize a large additional constituency provides REALTORS with a powerful advocacy tool.

The challenge for the Homeowners Alliance is keeping that additional constituency engaged between advocacy mobilizations. Relate Advocacy has helped the Homeowners Alliance create a program of consistent recruitment and engagement with its grassroots list.

The state’s only advocacy organization dedicated to homeowners

Relate Advocacy has helped position the Homeowners Alliance as the state’s most visible and critical voice for homeowners.

As an organization that is constantly recruiting and educating homeowners, Relate Advocacy has helped the Alliance create consistent communications plans across a wide variety of channels, both online and offline.

  • Petition campaigns – Email acquisition through paid petition campaigns has been a strong tool for the Homeowners Alliance.
  • Local events – The Alliance increases the visibility of its brand by partnering with individual REALTORS or local REALTOR associations on local events. These can include town halls with elected officials or information sessions on important issues.
  • Social media – Relate has worked with the Alliance social media team to help expand the organization’s reach and create a consistent voice.

Making the most of the Nationbuilder advocacy tools

Email list quality is the most important success factor for the NC Homeowners Alliance. When the state is facing big insurance premium rate increases, the Alliance must be able to quickly activate thousands of emails to elected officials.

Relate Advocacy helps the Homeowners Alliance make the most of its powerful Nationbuilder advocacy platform. Pairing list segmentation with strong email content, the Homeowners Alliance has email open rates that stay consistently above 30 percent (well above industry standard).

The Result: Homeowners respond when called to action

The emphasis on list quality and consistent education yields results. The largest mobilization efforts for the NC Homeowners Alliance happen when the insurance industry proposes massive premium rate increases.

The Homeowners Alliance has generated thousands of communications to the Commissioner Insurance over multiple rate cases. Each time, the Homeowners Alliance has helped ensure that massive increases are rejected.